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the hammer build

The HammerBuild provides an educational day that students will never forget. In two hours, students work together using hammers, drills, tool belts, and goggles to build a house large enough that the entire class can get inside. 

The HammerBuild transports students out of the classroom to an on-the-job experience. Throughout the build, students learn the value of math application, goal setting, teamwork, and workforce development skills. 

Our Niswonger build partner is Walters State University. To schedule a HammerBuild for your school, please contact:

Anita Ricker, Ed.D.
Division of Workforce Training


Walters State Community College Logo
Students Building at Walters State
Students raising Hammers at Walters State Hammer Build

"I wish I could learn math like this every day."

-GMS Student 1


"This day went nothing like I expected it to be, but it turned out better than I imagined."

-GMS Student 2


"This was the best field trip ever."

-GMS Student 3

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