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What is hammermath?

HammerMath is an online-learning program for experiencing, mastering and applying fractions concepts to the real world. HammerMath is so much more than just a math learning program. Because it's fun and engaging, HammerMath is a stick-with-you-for-life way of learning. HammerMath is designed to help students see math differently, starting with the Achilles' heel of math—fractions.


We believe that traditional teaching methods like "drill and kill" and "rote memorization" are the kryptonite to creative thinking, deep understanding, and life-long retention. HammerMath will unleash the learning superpowers of your child and release new confidence in their abilities.


Students learn visually, spatially, and physically how fractions work through our patented Big Inch math manipulative.


Directed by Emmy-award winning director, Steven Feldman, our instructional videos bring fractions & measurement to life.


Instead of traditional abstract learning, HammerMath is based on real-world construction and architectural design application principles. 

hands on

Designed with the kinesthetic learner in mind, HammerMath engages tactile senses through fun, hands-on learning that student love to work with!

language of math

HammerMath focuses on teaching students the language of math, so they can develop a deeper understanding of what the math means.


HammerMath focuses on understanding fractions. Research confirms that mastery of fractions is key to a student's success in upper-level mathematics.*


Understanding fractions is key to understanding measurement. Once your student masters fractions, they will apply that knowledge to measurement—a skill you will use for the rest of your life.


At HammerMath, we believe creativity is essential to the learning process! Students conclude their journey as they apply their new-found math knowledge by designing and drawing their own 1/4" scale dream home.

Competence with fractions is considered foundational for learning algebra, for success with more advanced mathematics, and for competing successfully in the American workforce.


-National Mathematics Advisory Panel



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HammerMath Overview
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