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Once you've had a chance to review the site, please let us know what other questions you may have! Thanks!
Send questions to:
Q. Can additional teachers decide later to participate?
A. In most cases, as long as your school is our Niswonger deep-dive partner, that should be no problem! We want all who want to participate to join in! Please email if you have other teachers who want to participate.
Q. What hands-on activities does HammerMath currently offer?
A. Although all of our lessons - fractions, measurement, and scaling - are hands-on, we hold an annual Architectural Design Competition,  a 3-D House Model lesson that builds on the scaling lesson, and the HammerBuild offered through Walters State Community College.
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The STEM.LD project (S411B200035) award is part of the FY2020 EIR Competition. This project is supported by the U.S. Department of Education as part of an award totaling $8.8 million dollars with 10 percent financed with non-governmental sources.

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