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Training Gears

what is the hammerinstitute?

The HammerInstitute was created to inspire and train future and current teachers in Hammer's methods, pedagogy, and applied teaching techniques.

The Institute is designed to connect public-private partnerships and create a pipeline of skilled graduates who are ready to meet the demands of business and industry in their communities. 

critical math fundamentals

Our teachers learn the most effective methods for teaching fractions, measurement, and scaling to elementary, middle, high school, college, and career-tech students.


Hammer's teaching methods go beyond the traditional textbook. 

Our teachers leave with the

confidence they need to teach hands-on engaging real-world math application in the classroom. 


Connecting our educational  partners with business and industry partners opens up mentorship, training, and employment opportunities for students.


Teachers will receive a Hammer Certification verifying that they have completed Hammer's intensive STEM-focused training in applied mathematics. Most school districts apply these training hours to teachers'  professional development requirements.

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