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AT Hammer, we are COMMITTED TO BUILDING A strong workforce pipeline FROM ELEMENTARY To adult.


Measurement Matters

Hammer has partnered with some of the largest construction, engineering, and manufacturing companies in the world. They tell us that one of their biggest problems is finding employees who understand measurement. 

Traditionally, school teaches algorithms, not application.
That's why Hammer teaches measurement how it should be taught - through engaging, real-world application. Our goal is to build confident learners by teaching them the fundamental measurement skills they need to succeed at in-demand career fields. 

That's why we've partnered with the National Center for Construction Education & Research, the nation's leader in workforce development for the construction industry, to offer an industry-recognized mathematics credential. 

What We Offer



Math fundamentally boils down to measurement – gauging how far, how high, how much. In today's competitive landscape, business and industry needs individuals who not only understand measurement but also know how to apply math effectively. HammerMath teaches measurement the way it should be taught – through real-world application. Each student who successfully passes HammerMath is eligible for an industry-recognized NCCER HammerMath credential.



After 30 years of working with K-12 education and companies like Eastman Chemical, Turner Construction, and Hensel Phelps, Hammer realized there's a skills gap between what you learn in school and what employers need. Hammer's 50-Hour Workforce Training Program was designed around targeted needs of employers, to give our students the skills and confidence they need to jumpstart their career.



The HammerBuild is an educational day that students will never forget. In two hours, students work together using hammers, drills, tool belts, and goggles to build a house large enough that the entire class can get inside. The HammerBuild transports students out of the classroom to an on-the-job experience. Students learn the value of math application, goal setting, teamwork, and workforce development skills. 

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